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Spend Under $500 Visiting These 10 Destinations For 10 Days

The National Retail Federation estimates that 115 million Americans (more than half of the USA adult population) will participate in the largest USA consumer holiday — Black Friday. The average shopper will spend nearly $500, making that a total of nearly $90 billion. 

The irony is really quite incredible… Exactly one day after giving thanks for all that we have, we set our alarms early to brave the crowds and empty our pockets and collect more things.  

When it comes to choosing material items vs. forever memories, at AirTreks, we tend to choose the latter. 

We believe that travel is the road to transformation and to making meaningful connections with people and places around the world. Experiencing cultures in destinations different than our own, opens up our minds and our hearts to see the world in a whole new way. 

For the same amount of money that the average shopper spends on Black Friday, you could spend 10 days living comfortably in these 10 incredible destinations around the world.

**Prices are skewed towards the lower end of what you could spend, but represent accommodations and travel extras that are safe and comfortable for your stay.**

Seoul, South Korea

Accommodations: $25
Taxi from airport to city center: $8
City Transportation: $1 for public bus lines
Street Food: $1-$4
Sit Down Meal: $10-$15

A truly non-stop city, Seoul is a dazzling metropolis with activities and attractions catering to every taste. From shopping in one of the famous night markets, to nights out in Hongdae, or a visit to one of the many temples or palaces?—?there’s enough for everyone. Don’t be distracted by the hustle and bustle of the capital city of South Korea, you can always escape into one of the many parks and landscaped area dotted around the city to relax. 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Accommodations: $15-20 for comfortable budget room
Taxi from airport to city center: $12
Moped: $5
Street Food: $2-$3
Sit Down Meal: $5-$15

Situated where the Tonle Sap, Bassac, and Mekong rivers collide, Phnom Penh is the vibrant, bustling city of Cambodia. Many consider it to be one of the friendliest capitals in Asia. The Khmer temples and monuments found here are some of the most stunning examples of Buddhist architecture and art in the world. Once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, Phnom Penh’s light was dimmed by the war and revolution. But the city has since risen to take its place among the hip capitals of the region and offers a world-class café, bar, and foodie scene.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Accommodations: Dorm room beds are $5 
Nice hotel-style private rooms with bathrooms can be had for about $25/night
Taxi from airport to city center: $5
Tuk Tuk Rides: $2-$4
Street Food: $1 bowls of Pad Thai
Sit Down Meal: $5

Perched in the mountainous northern region of Thailand, Chiang Mai is the northern capital of the country and maintains a decidedly laid-back atmosphere compared to the wildness of the southern cities. Plan on visiting plenty of temples, as monasteries and stupas abound in the historic city center. Drive outside of the city to experience the green countryside of northern Thailand, or hike up to one of the many waterfalls or hot springs in the region.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Accommodations: $11
Taxi from airport to city center: from the Medan airport $10 share-taxi ride (4 hours)
Moped: $7/day 
Street Food: $1-$2 for fried rice chicken dinner $0.70 for locally grown Sumatra coffee. 
Sit Down Meal: $6-$8 

There is a common assumption that long-term travel is quite expensive, and it can be, but travel to a place like Sumatra, and you can live lavishly inexpensively. Rolf Potts, one of our AirTreks Travel Ambassadors, spent his time in a beautiful room with a view not he shore of Lake Toba. A calm and peaceful place to gather thoughts, dream of possibilities, and savor moments. This beautiful dot on the map of the world will ease your soul, clear your mind, and introduce you to some of the kindest humans on earth. 

New Delhi, India

Accommodations: $10-$30
Taxi from airport to city center: $5
Rickshaw Ride: $1-$2
Street Food: $2-$3
Sit Down Meal: $15-$20

This city is fabulously photogenic at every corner. You’ll be sharing its hectic streets and alleys with carts and cycle-rickshaws, with cows and monkeys, with shoppers and with beggars, with street-food sellers and market traders, and with cars, vans, scooters and auto-rickshaws. Get ready for lots of honk-honks and beep-beeps!

Budapest, Hungary

Accommodations: $10-$30
Taxi from airport to city center: $20
Trains, Buses, Trams: $1 (free for anyone over 65)
Street Food: $1-$3
Sit Down Meal: $15

Budapest is a true wonder and has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to scope the flamboyant architecture, rejuvenate in healing thermal baths, or hit the town and party, Budapest delivers on all fronts. Delight in a wide variety of Hungarian food and sip on a variety of wines, a true foodie’s paradise. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Accommodations: $25
Taxi from airport to city center: $22
Tram, Buses, Metro: $2-$3
Street Food: $3-$5
Sit Down Meal: $20

With cobblestone walkways and ancient ruins covering Lisbon’s trademark seven hills, your camera arm will be busy while here. A foodie’s paradise, Lisbon is also famous for its rowdy and vivacious nightlife scene?—?check out Bairro Alto of an evening. Snap some photos from the famous miradouros (terrace viewpoints) and enjoy wandering the alleys and walkable streets. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Accommodations: $30
Taxi from airport to city center: $5
Taxi and Ubers: $5
Street Food: $1
Sit Down Meal: $12-$15

An old imperial capital, Marrakesh is home to beautiful treasures of Islamic architecture, most impressively the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa and the Koutoubia minaret. Venture through the Medinas, sip the Moroccan mint teas, and try out the tagine. Herbs and spices are used abundantly and subtly in the local cuisine, so be sure to sample liberally. This city is the gateway to culture. 

Bogotá, Colombia

Accommodations: $20-$30
Taxi from airport to city center: $20
Bus and Subway: $2-$3
Street Food: $1
Sit Down Meal: $6

Nestled in the northern reaches of the Andes, Bogotá is the energetic and chic capital city of Colombia. Much of the city’s colonial past lives on in the architecture of its churches, museums, hotels, and cobblestone streets. Rich with bars and restaurants, foodies will find themselves with a multitude of options to choose from before heading out for drinks and dancing. A country rocketing out of poverty, the local economy has grown and diversified greatly in recent decades.

Mexico City, Mexico

Accommodations: $7-$20
Taxi from airport to city center: $15
Buses and Subways: $0.25
Street Food: $1-$2
Sit Down Meal: $7-$10

With a diverse culinary scene, a proliferation of new public spaces, and a booming arts movement, Mexico City is experiencing a bit of a renaissance right now. With a contemporary and cultured edge, the city still retains much of its storied history and colonial architecture. Explore one of the many murals, or drop by an old-school cantina. One of the most important financial centers in the Americas, Mexico City is the eighth richest metropolitan area in the world.

If you’re feeling the itch to travel to these incredible spots, we put together an flight itinerary that will take you to each:
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