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New York – Reykjavik (Iceland)  – London – Amsterdam – Copenhagen – Berlin – Overland On Your Own – Munich – Istanbul  – Overland On Your Own – Athens – Rome – Prague – Paris – Madrid – New York

The New Year is moving right along and summer plans for a European escape are taking center stage. The fact that Europe is so popular during the late month of June, and through July and August, is ever more reason to plan now and book early. Good seats on flights are more available and current prices are not through the roof. Once spring temperatures begin to rise, well, so will the flights. The effects from supply and demand are factors to consider when planning any trip.

If travel begins prior to high season then greater bargains will become a welcoming part to this extensive trip. The special fare will give travelers the ever popular more-for-less angle with visitations to eleven historically-rich countries. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass by; otherwise, share it with others who may be eager to plan that special getaway.

First stop – Reykjavik, Iceland, the world’s northern most capital city. Aside from its cold name, Iceland has longer-than-usual spring and summer daylight hours and is an important world leader on renewable energy from its geothermal power sources – adding therapeutic wonders for those who want to soak in these mineral-rich, naturally-heated pools, both indoor and outdoor, all over Reykjavik. Former Airtreks traveler Matt states from his Airtreks Trip Journal:

“We paid a visit to the Blue Lagoon…turns out this pool had magical skin-healing powers, so it’s now a popular end-of-day getaway…After that it was off to Gullfoss, the ‘Golden Waterfall’ which I had seen on my previous trip to Iceland, but was far more spectacular in March as it was covered in ice. It was truly one of the most magnificent things…Read on (”

With a revitalized soul hop over to London, a city of important global status, which continues to influence culture, entertainment, fashion, media, politics and everything else. Layers of mixed ethnicities, religions and languages make London a unique world in itself. To see true differences play out in harmless demonstrations of free speech head to the northeast corner of Hyde Park to witness people speaking their minds.

Continuing on to the capital of Amsterdam, a core metropolitan center of the larger urban Randstad (Ring City) area, presents many temptations from its free-spirited liberal society. All senses will be fed from sights of the red-light district, scents of fresh Cannabis Sativa exiting cafes and sounds of old rusty bikes pedaling the canal lined streets. With as many bikes as there are people (over 700,000) getting around to see the Rembrandt House Museum, the Anne Frank House and the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings at the Van Gogh Museum can be achieved with ease.

Egalitarianism is alive and well in Copenhagen, Denmark, with discrimination and harassment against women and gays a rarity. This equality can be felt when strolling through the longest pedestrian-friendly shopping area in the world, the Stroget. Hot dog stands and tastes of kebab and falafel fast-food from the Middle East, Turkey and Arab nations has become the norm here. The picturesque Nyhavn (“New Harbor”) ends on Stroget where restaurants and bars line the waterfront and sounds from the Copenhagen Jazz Festival are heard for ten days beginning the first Friday of July.

Directly south brings a warranting visit to Germany. Who can resist Berlin’s former surrounding Wall, Brandenburg Gate that still stands, the Topography of Terror outdoor exhibit and sections of West Berlin? Talk about a place that is heavy with history – and the incredible thing about this history is that it’s not just theirs, it’s all of ours.

Going overland to Munich by way of rail is a fantastic way to see the country and relax from all of the stop-and-go. In fact, traveling on the tracks will ensure rewarding experiences to new places off the beaten paths. Find the best rail passes for your trip here:

Let’s face it, this story can go on and on, emphasizing the sights and feelings that this trip presents – with Istanbul’s domes, minarets and Walls of Constantinople; a plethora of World Heritage Sites in Athens, Greece, such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis; the emotions felt upon entering St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel in Rome’s Vatican City; the captivating Bohemian city of Prague boasting the world’s largest castle, Prague Castle; the many heart-warming qualities and romantic spells by Paris and her surrounding majestic chateaus like Vallery’s Chateau des Conde nestled in the Burgundy wine region one hour south of Paris; and finally the Spanish capital of Madrid which hosts the largest Plaza de Toros (bullfighting ring) for brave matadors to show off their fancy footwork – Europe has so much to offer through its history, culture and preservation, and Airtreks wants to share it all with you.

The New Year is where all new journeys must begin!

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