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In this issue – The Big RTW

Purchasing an around-the-world ticket can seem like a big step to take when considering it for the first time, but deciding on three important factors will certainly influence your success in planning; 1) What will be the duration of your trip, 2) Which countries and cities do you WANT to visit, and 3) What is your airfare budget? And forget about the common around-the-world airfare myths – With Airtreks you do not need to travel in one direction, nor begin and end in the same place, nor restrict yourself to a set route or airline like that of the Star Alliance and oneworld products. This is your travel investment, and you should be calling the shots.

Our March Newsletter Special is called ‘The Big RTW’. The itinerary is loaded with traces from South America, Southern and Eastern Africa, Southern and Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Visits to Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Kilimanjaro, Nairobi, Kathmandu, Delhi, Bombay, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, Nadi (Fiji) and Honolulu is our way of saying that beauty is plastered all over the globe and a trot around it can be good for all who travel it. As this is only one example of what you can do please visit our TripPlanner™ and begin creating a Multi-Stop International trip that makes sense to you.

Lima, Peru presents a calm atmosphere and is somewhat surreal with its misty blanket, or Garuua, which settles over the city between May and October. This fantastic setting stretches along the white sandy beaches and sand dunes just south of Lima. To the east lie Cusco and the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. Santiago, Chile is all about the Andes Mountains and panoramic views.

Sao Paulo is the financial and industrial center of Brazil and also has an ethnically diverse metropolitan area with Portuguese, Spaniard, German, Italian, Arab and Japanese influences. The vibrant cultures and popular dining scene yield to international flavors that help perk up Sao Paulo’s social scene.

The discovery of gold in Johannesburg in 1886 catapulted the sleepy town into worldwide prominence and created an economic boom in the region that is still felt today. Hip restaurants and a burgeoning cultural scene have helped reshape the nature of the area. Gold Reef City, which is a large amusement park, museum and casino, is a great destination for families looking to see another side of Africa. With the unspoiled northern region of Magaliesberg, Jo’burg has its share of pleasant parks and nature reserves that hug its outskirts.

In a country full of seamlessly never-ending natural range and cultural attractions, Kilimanjaro literally stands high above its surroundings. Known primarily as the gateway to the highest peak in all of Africa, Kilimanjaro National Park is also home to the impressive Mt. Meru and a wide variety of wildlife. The nearby regions of Arusha and Moshi are the starting point for the true African safari.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is active and contemporary of urban African life. Visitors here will have access to a wide array of restaurants, clubs, pubs and discos. Be sure to visit the City Market, the Arboretum, which has a nice collection of East African flora, and the nearby Nairobi National Park for your animal craving of lions, giraffes, impalas and other wild animals. Due to its altitude the temps remain moderate throughout the year.

Nepal is rich in spirituality and spectacular in scenery. It is also home to the world’s highest mountain peaks, the Himalayas. Located northeast of Katmandu and along the north-eastern border of Nepal rests Mt. Everest. If hiking up Everest is not on your list then for a lighter trek try a Royal Chitwan National Park tour, offering sights of the single-horned Asian rhino, the scarce Bengal tiger and countless other species. RCNP is situated in south central Napal and has long been one of the country’s treasures of natural wonders.

Kathmandu Valley is scattered with hundreds of temples and shrines, traditional villages, Nepali art that will surely please and cuisine heavily influenced by India and Tibet. And in the neighboring city of Patan, one will find stunning Newar (Newari) architecture and attributes from Indian and Tibetan cultures.

Delhi is an ideal place to begin an exploration of northern India. The timeless golden triangle trail wanders from Delhi through Agra and Jaipur. Agra’s Taj Mahal is magnificent, with art, architecture and craftsmanship nearing perfection.

India’s west coast Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, will offer a completely different Indian experience. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India and there are plenty of outdoor markets and fine stores, making it a shopper’s paradise. The nightlife and entertainment in Mumbai never stops. The sunny beach state of Goa can be found just less than 600km south of Mumbai for some good R&R.

Places that will enrich this Around-the-World trip include Bangkok (the Venice of the East), Singapore (one of Asia’s high-tech industrialized countries), Perth for one of the most isolated cities on the planet, Sydney for its sophisticated atmosphere and lively urban settings, Auckland for its lush green and superb natural beauty, Fiji for its tropical splendor and Honolulu for hiking, snorkeling, surfing and shopping.

To continue mapping out and pricing a Multi-Stop International or Around-the-World adventure visit us at or by calling one of our Personal Travel Consultants at 1-877-AIRTREKS (+1.415.977.7100 outside North America).

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