Traveling Abroad While the US Dollar is Weak

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The US dollar may be no match for the euro or the British Pound these days, but this does not mean people should consider shortening their distances when planning to travel abroad. Travelers can avoid being burdened with pricey places and still find authentic cultural experiences with great value in many parts of the world. With a little bit of planning, one can enjoy visiting multiple destinations where the dollar is attractive, and still gain precious cultural enrichment while traveling throughout the world.

China continues to undervalue its currency to keep its exports a bargain on the global market. While many countries oppose this fact, people can still take advantage of China as a great travel destination where the dollar can be stretched far. And with roughly the same land size as Australia there is a lot of terrain to see. Situated in the northeastern part of China, Beijing’s royal past is preserved through countless ancient palaces, imperial gardens and world heritage sites.  Much time can be spent venturing through the many hidden streets and alleys on a bicycle, let alone walking parts of the 4,000 mile long Great Wall of China through its many provinces.

Kuala Lumpur, otherwise known as KL, is the largest city (capital) in Malaysia and is considered a bargain for travelers. A stroll around the Central Market on an early Sunday morning will be a delight for those wanting to shop for a variety of arts and crafts ranging from antiques and paintings to mementos and clothing. The shopping and entertainment district of Bukit Bintang offers an array of merchandise, hotels and hawker-styled eateries that will suit every taste and budget. A couple hours east will take one to the heart of The Indo-Malayan rain forests, which are the oldest rainforests in the world. It houses the largest elephant sanctuary in the world and helps to move elephants that have either lost their terrain to palm oil plantations, or those that have been orphaned.

Going overland by way of rail from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore or Singapore to Bangkok can be an inexpensive way to travel and a great way to relax while watching the mountains and rainforests pass by. Here is some helpful information on traveling overland by rail through Asia.  If you would rather call our partner for this info please contact their customer care representative.  After a six hour by day or eight hour by night rail journey to Singapore, a curious blend of ancient times and modernism will be on hand. The city is home to Malaysian, Indian and Chinese ethnicities, as well as ex-pats from all over the world in a largely English-speaking society. Many colorful, vibrant and good places to eat and drink can be found in Geylang Serai, a neighborhood east of the central area of Singapore. During both day and night, Geylang’s elements are interesting alternatives to the rest of modern day Singapore, including hawker stands and karaoke lounges where one can make for many pleasant evenings chowing down Fishball Soup and knocking back cheap Tiger beer.

Bali is another one of our picks that will surely add value to an itinerary. The tropical island flourishes with lush green valleys and sweeping rice terraces and is approximately 100 miles wide by 70 miles north to south. Many deals can be had here, and when looking to buy traditional arts and crafts the Balinese are open to negotiate – naming ones price is a commonality. It is extremely easy getting a taxi, or hire a private driver for a trip to anywhere on the island. While walking along the streets taxis will honk there horns at walkers to see if they need a fare. It’s quite comical yet entertaining to see people compete for business. The food in Bali and all of Indonesia is exceptional, and a rigorous and luxurious spa treatment can be had at many island locations for prices ranging from $5-$100. Lesser expensive treatments can be just as soothing and stimulating for the flow of blood, oxygen and ‘qi’ (energy) throughout the body. Just look on every street for a plethora of options.

In addition to the above destinations, Cairo, Istanbul, Sofia and London are places that are part of this journey. London might seem a bit out of place when looking at the current exchange rate of $1USD = $0.50GBP, but AirTreks merely throws it in as an inexpensive and priceless stopover. And Cairo, Istanbul and Sofia are melting pots waiting to sizzle visitors with fairy-tale villages, deliciously inexpensive food, stretches of Black Sea Beaches and Roman ruins for endless walks. Go see what is out there!

Aside from this adventure, travelers can plan, price and book their around-the-world and multi-city international flights using TripPlanner while relying on our personal travel consultants for expert advice in planning, routing and constructing the most efficient travel arrangements. We value each opportunity to help make a person’s journey one of a kind. To begin mapping out your own custom trip go to and embark on the next step towards that journey, or call one of our Personal Travel Consultants at 1-877-AIRTREKS (+1.415.977.7100 outside North America).

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