A Short Around-the-World Journey

For savvy world travelers and those wanting to be –

Fewer stops, great value, more for your money…

New York – Kiev – Beijing – Hong Kong – New York

Don’t let the lack of time in your busy life dictate your future travel plans.

This month we highlight an around-the-world itinerary inclusive of great value and fewer stops, in case you are pressed for both time and funds so you will still be able to achieve that journey of a lifetime. A trip around the globe or to multiple destinations does not have to cover every continent. In fact, more and more travelers are experiencing this type of travel with less time available from their busy schedules. If you are already planning to go to one destination halfway around the globe, why not continue on to see and taste more since the added cost, if any, will be insignificant compared to your trip’s overall increase in value gained from furthering your travels. It’s a nice way to compliment one’s life story, so don’t sale yourself short on your next trip; go see a little more for your money.

Depending on your location we have a short around-the-world ticket departing New York and beginning in one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful Slavic cities Kiev, Ukraine, where the people are known for their generous hospitality and enthusiastic spirit. Once there the Metro (minimal in cost) is the common mode of transportation and is beautified by marble, chandeliers and graffiti free walls. You can continue on to the southern parts of Ukraine which will bring you to the banks of the Black Sea where the famous sea ports of Odessa and Sevastopol lie. They are treasure troves of history dating back to the ancient Greeks.

The next two stops on this itinerary take us to Beijing and Hong Kong before returning to New York. There is no stopping China’s growth while the country prepares to host the 2008 Summer Olympics. As the economy continues to develop at alarming rates the existence of Beijing’s renowned hutong’s are at the mercy of expanding high rises and are quickly vanishing like warmed Arctic icebergs. Hutong has become the common name for Beijing’s many ancient streets and alleys that are laid out throughout parts of the city and most of the urban district. Residents there maintain their old traditions and consider hutongs a necessary part of Beijing culture. Side stepping through the remaining Hutongs is a must for travelers who want to sense vital parts of Beijing’s past before they are all but gone.

In reference to a 10 km hike along the Great Wall about 110 km northeast of Beijing, MyTripJournal members Lucy and Steve write:

“When we started the walk we were joined by a couple of local farmers who gave us information about the wall along the way in their limited English. One of them even helped Lucy up and down some of the steep and ruined steps…it is an experience we wouldn’t have missed for the world.”

With the addition of Hong Kong, this itinerary is a way to circle the globe and get a taste for both the new and the old world. This is just one of sixty-plus Around-the-World, Multi-Stop International and Business Class specials, both long and short, available on the new AirTreks.com.

We know airfare is just one component of the planning process, so we recently teamed up with Global Basecamps who are a perfect source for offering unique lodges, hotels and short excursions throughout the world. They offer places that you will not find on traditional sites like Expedia and Travelocity, and they will continue adding more to their mix. If your search comes up dry you can give Global Basecamps a call (1-866-577-2462) to see when they will be adding products for your destinations.

Don’t hesitate to utilize an AirTreks personal travel consultant to help you with your air routing and for customizing the itinerary that works best for you. If you still have questions please call us at 1-877-AIRTREKS (1-877-247-8735 or +1.415.977.7100 outside North America) and we will gladly help address your questions and concerns. Please remember to mention this newsletter.

Travel wisely!