Got Cow Crap? And Travel Daydreams…

For savvy world travelers and those wanting to be –

Many of us constantly daydream about being somewhere other than where we are now. It may be the monotony of going to work or school and thrusting through yet another day while only marveling at the idea of a far flung worldly journey. Travel daydreams are healthy distractions that can lead you to plan your next adventure or leave you stranded in that arm-chair. Either way, we have a former AirTreker, Dave Lowe, who shares his experiences and passions for global travel through a written collection of misadventures in his first book “Sandwiches Should NEVER Taste Like Cow Crap”. Reminiscent to the title Dave’s writings are hilariously full of life and should not dissuade anyone from traveling. His adventures give travel unconventional meaning, making it feel as though you’re there. Taste a snippet from his book for your daily dose of travel…

‘Filthy Beasts’, page 170:

“There, no more than five feet away was a wild hyena, slinking through the dark in search of an easy meal, its eyes reflected in the light.

I sprang back as if from a cobra, and he laughed.

When we reached a clearing in the bushes, Haile threw out a few cow bones and his friend began making strange cawing noises that brought creatures to the edge of the opening, warily looking at the humans there. Before long, there were ten hyenas, including three babies, cautiously walking closer to the pile of bones. Suddenly, one lunged out, grabbed one, and tore off into the bushes pursued by a few rivals. Haile himself then stepped over to the pile, and picked up a long bone, and offered it the nearest animal. Gingerly, it approached as the nearby rivals howled in fear, and when it grabbed the bone, he motioned me to come forward to feed one.

I took the longest bone I could find, remembering that hyenas have the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom, and weakly imitated the sounds Haile had made. There, in the moonlight, softly cawing, holding out an animal bone, I thought to myself, what am I doing here, in the middle of the cold Ethiopian Highlands, acting like some Steve Irwin?

A moment later, a hyena locked eyes with me, and I kept singing that strange sounding song as the hyena drew closer; I was shaking so hard I nearly dropped the bone: I could see its teeth clearly in the moonlight, exposed, and a second later lunged at me and clamped down on the bone. I could not only feel the power of its vice-like jaws as it quickly snatched the bone away; I also could smell its foul breath that could have easily peeled paint off a wall. Haile clapped his hands, and for the next half an hour, we fed the remaining hyenas until the bones were gone.”

‘Dave Lowe’s book shows that having the right attitude has a lot to do with the enjoyment of travel. Despite frequent falls off the proverbial horse, Lowe saddles back up with wit and passion for more. The stories in this book are marvelous and memorable.’ Justine Shapiro, documentary filmmaker and host of Globetrekker

Even if you are not as adventurous as Dave, mixing in a short excursion with your planned itinerary can certainly add some good spice to your travel spread. Many tour operators are sensitive to conserving their habitats and are eco-friendly to the local communities.

To begin planning your own travel tale start with TripPlanner and witness the world from a different perspective. You might be surprised at how easy a daydream can turn to reality as long as the mind is free to travel. AirTreks will make the process of getting you there seem easy!

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