Is it the right time to travel?

With the economy in its current state, is now the time to travel? While we always say anytime is a good time to travel, right now may be an even better time than it has been in a while. If you need a break from all the turmoil and stress of your everyday life, seeing the world is a great way to get a new perspective. If you are not tied down then get out and see the world.

But travel is expensive. It can be a lot cheaper to be on the road depending on where you go. The dollar has gone up in strength and getting out on the road could be the best thing for your pocket book with cheap food and lodging. In many places of the globe you can spend a whole lot less per day than staying at home.

When planning a two week vacation travelers often look at airfares as too expensive. But if you travel longer and amortize the cost of your airfare over a few months, then the “expensive” airfare becomes just pennies a day.

We know that many people are scared about the economy, but travel is still one of the best values out there both for your soul, and many times, your pocket book.