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I love going to concerts. I also love traveling. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do those things together? Something to think about when you’re planning your next international trip—check out who’s playing where you’re headed. Obviously, it’s part of the travel experience to hear local music and to get immersed in the local culture, but if you’re favorite band is on tour at the same time you’re in Tokyo, try to hit it up! Check out some sites that might help make that happen:

The major players- Links for international concert tickets:

Get your finger on the pulse – a small smattering of links for region/city focused magazines and calendars:

Also check out local, weekly/monthly publications when you arrive in your destination. You can usually get these for free on the street/ your hotel concierge/ airport information. Sometimes language barriers might get in the way, but many places worldwide have English-language publications as well.

Get ready to rock your face off!

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