Daily Updates Coming to Airtreks' News Feed

We here at AirTreks are dedicated to helping bring the world to you. With that in mind, and after much bagel/apple fritter-fueled discussion, we decided to make sure you had the best in up-to-date information to bring to your daily daydreaming moments. Hence a new, revamped AirTreks Blog Corner!

While there may already be encyclopedic travel-related info to be found on this here Internets, we assumed it’d be worthwhile for not only our established customers but for every one of you with a need for feed to link in while hashing out your first (or next) round the world trip!

Keep your eye on this space as it will be updated on a regular basis. Or else you can subscribe for news and info on things AirTreks and travel-related. I’ll be doing my best to keep you up to date on subjects ranging from news to destination reviews to airline quality reports to anecdotes along the well-traveled AirTreks staff destination repertoire.

Updates should appear daily so check back.  Lunchtime is a perfect opportunity to let your eyes wander and your mind travel, don’t you think?