Favorite Places of Famous People Around the World

Ever wonder where restaurateur Alice Waters shops while in the Bay Area? Or where the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone eats in his hometown? Or where Japanese entrepreneur Yoko Aoki goes hiking around Tokyo? No need to wonder anymore. A new product by the amazing team over at Google tells you where to shop, eat and hike in right the locals’ footsteps.

I’ve never been one to tout the achievements of the already ultra-touted but this one is just too cool to pass up, and not to mention totally relevant to any earnest traveler. The folks at Google maps have come up with an application that allows you to see the favorite places of a list of top names in a variety of fields in their native cities.

Currently there are about 35 cities on a list of places from Madrid to Rio to Moscow to Whistler, BC.  Each place pulls another list of local notables singing praises about their favorite thing in their chosen city. Of course, each attractions is pinpointed on a Google map and easily discovered via their perfectly user-friendly and interactive software. There’s even pictures and links to learn more about them.

So if you happen to be in Prague and wondering what the curator of the Czech National Museum does on a lazy Sunday in her home town, this may be your opportunity!