Product Launch: AirTreks Getaway Passes!

Earlier this month AirTreks was proud to announce a great new product for sale on our website: the Exclusive Getaway Pass. These passes work to give you a variety of destination options around Asia and Indian subcontinent without having to spend a lot of money to get there. They allow the freedom to construct your own itinerary from a list of 20 separate destinations giving you more than 350 potential combinations to chose from. The Getaway Pass removes the surprise of hidden costs and opens up the opportunity to visit places you never thought you wanted to go. Not to mention getting to travel on 2009’s number one rated airline in the world.

The Exclusive Getaway Pass offers three separate options: Option One gives you stops in Hong Kong and Bangkok plus one more out of a list of 13 other Asian cities. Option Two gives you Hong Kong and either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, plus one of an additional 6 Asian cities. Option Three gives a more far-reaching selection including Hong Kong and Bangkok plus one of a list of 4 different options in either India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan.

The prices make your decision easy. At $1199, $1249 and $1399 for Options One, Two and Three respectively (plus taxes in the $170 – $265 range) you can save money for what you really want to use it for—enjoying your trip.

You must depart from Los Angeles or San Francisco with New York City marked as an add-on for $150 more. Dates are changeable for no fee (some restrictions apply) and the pass is valid for 6 months of travel (or, for a few dollars more, a 12 month stint). And for the passes you are limited to only the cities listed in each option.

If you’ve been wanting to travel on an air pass-type ticket but didn’t know how, or else thought the airlines were the only place to turn, customize a Getaway Pass ticket with AirTreks and explore the beauty of Asia hugely discounted prices! The choice is yours.

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