Your Agent’s Dream Trip vol. 4 (dreamt by Justin)

You may not realize it in a phone conversation but Justin helps his clients from his flat in Sao Paulo, Brazil; he’s one of AirTreks’ 8 travel consultants living outside of San Francisco. Being in Brazil may explain his desire to see more of the South American continent on his dream trip. He’s also including a country that’s proving to be very popular with the agents here: Maldives.

To Justin I posed the Your Agent’s Dream Trip question:

“Without having to state your reasons, and if cost was of no importance, what would be your dream around-the-world trip in 10 stops or less.”

Here’s what Justin came up with, starting in Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

El Calafate, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina

Easter Island, Chile

Temae, French Polynesia

Christchurch, New Zealand

Male , Maldives

Entebbe, Uganda

Kigali, Rwanda

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Below is the TripPlanner solution to get Justin to his dream destinations. Note that some of these routes may not have direct flights, thus requiring him to stop over or connect in another city. Those stops are listed in red in the “Special Value” solution below.

Find out about how much Justin’s dream trip will cost him, then start a dream trip of your own. Click the image twice for a closer look.

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You can find all the other Agent Dream Trip volumes here. Happy dreaming.

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