Your Agent’s Dream Trip vol. 5 – (dreamt by Sarah)

Minamiazumi-gun. by teresa.Sarah is one of AirTreks senior and longest standing travel consultants. And she’s done her fair share of international travel, having been to parts of the globe most of us only see in pictures. So I was super excited to hear what her dream trip would be. It appeared China, India and Northern Europe are the parts of the planet she still needs to fill in.

To Sarah I posed the requisite Your Agent’s Dream Trip question:

“Without having to state your reasons, and if cost was of no importance, what would be your dream around-the-world trip in 10 stops or less.”

Sarah lives in Portland with her husband Dan, also a talented AirTreks travel consultant, so her trip starts and ends there, in that lovely Pacific Northwest city.

Take a tour of the sights and sounds using modern multimedia and discover agent Sarah’s dream trip. Click on the icons for videos, photos and maps.

Portland, OR

Tokyo, Japan

overland to

Osaka, Japan

Beijing, China

overland to

Chengdu, China

Delhi, India

overland to

Bombay, India

Amman, Jordan

overland to

Cairo, Egypt

Palermo, Italy

overland to

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Vilnius, Lithuania

Portland, OR

Below is the TripPlanner solution to get Sarah to her dream destinations. Note that some of these routes may not have direct flights, thus requiring her to stop over or connect in another city. Those stops are listed in red in the “Special Value” solution below. She could stop over in those cities if she wanted as well!

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