Photo Friday: Inca Walls In Cusco

Photo Friday this week gives you an image taken in Cuzco (or Cusco), Peru. The photo was taken in an alley just off the Plaza des Armas in the city center. The walls you see here are original Inca construction dating back to the 14th century. So tightly do the wall’s stones fit together you couldn’t slip a piece paper between them if you tried. Not to mention the fact they’ve remained standing for 600 years with no mortar, a fair improbability if you think about it.

These type of walls, constructed with tightly fitted, sometimes multi-faceted stones, exist all over the city, throughout the region and across the ancient Inca empire. Industrious people, the Incas were. And they would’ve gotten away with it had it not been for those meddling Conquistadors. At least we still have the beautiful remnants of their work to admire.

Have a great weekend!