AirTreks and Global Basecamps – working together

In case you didn’t know, AirTreks has a partner for those in need of land arrangements: Global Basecamps, an environmentally aware, progressive company located in Encinitas, California who’s spent a great deal of time assembling a list of sustainable properties and activities all over the world, from eco-lodges to boutique hotels to small-ship cruising and excursions that will make your mouth water. All things to consider once your flight arrangements have been taken care of with AirTreks.

Global Basecamps has recently initiated a pair of cool promotional tours set up specifically for AirTreks clients. So if you buy an Airtrek you’re instantly entitled to special pricing on a couple of the world’s best adventures.

According to Kelley at GBC:

The pricing on the two itineraries is special for AirTreks clients, which means it’s up to 15% off normal pricing with departures set up specifically for AirTreks clients.

The first one is the world famous Inca Trail trek, “one of the greatest short treks on the planet” says their website, and so very true. The trek leaves from the trailhead outside of the city of Cuzco and winds its way through the Andes’ Sacred Valley region before arriving at one of the most beautiful sites anywhere, Machu Picchu.

The other is an amazing Northern Circuit Tanzanian safari, which includes the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater regions. The tour is “led by expert local guides and focuses on game-viewing and cultural interaction with the resident Maasai communities of the region.” This is the safari you’ve always dreamed about.

Two spectacular tours you can get now with the buying power of AirTreks and Global Basecamps working together. An AirTreks traveler is not like every other traveler out there. Get the chance to join others who have like-minded takes on what it means to see the world — by doing it the AirTreks way!

For more info on this great promotion, contact Global Basecamps.