AirTreks Talks Travel With Pauline Frommer

Award-winning travel writer Pauline Frommer, daughter of guidebook pioneer and travel legend Arthur Frommer, does a weekly 2-hour radio show at WOR radio in New York City. We were delighted when on August 22nd she invited AirTreks VP Tom Michelson to chat with her over the phone about around-the-world travel.

Recently Pauline has been interested in how the movie Eat, Pray, Love has impacted long-term travel and around the-world trips in general. It has had an impact, no doubt about it, and with AirTreks leading the way selling these type of tickets, Pauline was especially interested in how we help travelers arrange trips like this.

Listen in on how their conversation went:

AirTreks Interview with Pauline Frommer by AirTreks

The recording above is a short part of that day’s entire program. To hear the show in its entirety or to download podcasts of any of her other Frommer Travel radio shows you can find them all in her archives. Check out all Ms. Frommer’s conversations with travel personalities and experts around the world as well. Or else tune in online – the show airs on Sundays at 10am.

You can also take the first step in starting your own around-the-world adventure. Click here!