Pack It Up, Pack It In – Lovin’ My Spacepak Bag

spacepak bag packing cubeI have a new obsession I feel obligated to share: Spacepak bags from Flight 001.

This is hands-down the best space-maximizing packing system I’ve ever used. Before I found out about this, I used to swear by those plastic space-saver bags you squeeze the air out of by rolling up. After using the Spacepak, I’m never going back.

I was able to fit 7 dresses, 12 tops, and 4 pairs of shorts into my Spacepak on a recent trip to Thailand.  My entire wardrobe for my trip fit into about ¼ of my suitcase, leaving plenty of room for me to pack other things I may not have brought otherwise. (And, while traveling, to buy things I may not have bought otherwise, but that’s another story). The double-sided nature of this bag means that dirty clothes and clean clothes can be kept separate, a huge bonus that other space-savers don’t have. This was worth every penny of the $46 price tag, and after trying the Clothes Pak I will absolutely be purchasing bags for shoes, toiletries and undies as well. If you can’t tell already, I’d highly recommend this bag to any traveler for any trip, whether it’s a short two week hop or a nine month extended journey.

Here’s a video by the owner of Flight 101 showing the bag in action: