Air Travel Tomorrow – The IATA Vision

IATA, the International Air Transport Association, has peered into the future of airport protocol and suggested a much smoother way through the security labyrinth, all done by—get this—computers. They’ve put together a video to show you what airport departures and arrivals just may look like in the near future.

Despite the disturbing lack of actual personnel, it seems like there just may be fewer airport secutiry hiccups to contend with. Just easy-breezy automated check-ins, baggage drop-offs and pre-approved passes through customs. No lines, everything taken care of ahead of time by the network. Probably the only thing holding this back from happening right away would be the absolute need for passengers to have internet access, which still may be a ways away. Otherwise, I’m already on board.

Do you think this type of automation would make airports less stressful or is it the beginning of some Orwellian nightmare? Voice your opinions in the comments!