Friday Afternoon Palate Cleanser: Orchestra Plays Mozart On Delayed Flight

This week’s Friday Afternoon Palate cleanser has been making the rounds of late, recently appearing on the Huffington Post and Time Magazine’s viral videos of the week. (I’m happy to say I knew about it before those laggards!) Similar to last week’s, it’s a small taste of what can happen when people get together to improve what could be otherwise be an unruly situation. It’s moments like this that make me happy to be a human being.

The Amsterdam Sinfonietta orchestra was on their way home after a concert in Shanghai when they discovered their flight would be delayed an hour. The players got together and decided to retrieve their instruments and spontaneously knock out the first part of Mozart’s Symphony No. 29. Allegedly, the music went over very well with the other passengers.

See for yourself what classical musician spontaneity looks like. And in coach no less!

It’s a short video so for more, albeit not as well positioned, check here and here.

For past versions of our FAPC, check here. Have a great weekend!