An App That Tells You Where that Plane’s Going?

Can an app tell you where that plane is headed?Updated November 15, 2016

It’s a good time to be a techie traveler. Hot off the release of an image language translator comes a very cool app for your smartphone that tells you details about the planes in the sky. If you’ve ever looked up and dreamed about the plane’s destination, well, now you have more information to find out.

Plane Finder AR gives you flight data on planes in the sky with augmented reality functionality. According to the manufacturers you just  “point [your] camera at a plane and you’ll see the flight number, aircraft registration, speed, altitude and how far away it is.”

Evidently it’s still a bit buggy, as you can gather from the somewhat harsh criticism in the app store comments section, but like all apps, it’ll evolve over time (or disappear), and if nothing else lets you daydream about flying to wherever that plane that just flew over your office went.

Photo Credits: Kite_rin