Top 150 Student Travel Blogs As Compiled by

It’s a rallying cry after (and during) college: go out and fry up your traveling chops before the world turns you all soft in the midsection. And the kids are doing it more and more, made easier in no small part by the wealth of resources available to them – they run deep and vast. Alexis Brett from College Scholarships, a site that aides those looking for assistance with college funding, has compiled extremely comprehensive list of 150 travel blogs to help student travelers ready to set out around the world (and by student traveler I mean anyone at all).

The list marshals influential independent travel bloggers from far and wide on the Web, so if you’re looking for travel writing outside of the Frommers/Rick Steves/LP pigeonhole and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, give up on the search engines and have a look at some of the sites on Alexis’s list.

It also contains a brief summary of the blog’s content along with a couple of the owner’s favorite posts, to help you cut through the filler chaff and read what they consider their personal best.

Where did the AirTreks Travel Blog come in? Good question: #81.