Gigapixel Photos from Around the World

Kellogg's® Tony the Tiger™ cameraPhotography and travel go hand in hand. What would any trip be without taking home a few hundred thousand pixels of local street vendors, pretty landscapes and ancient buildings? Not much, that’s what. Everyone loves a well-taken picture.

Your average photograph from a point and shoot camera these days consists of about 10 megapixels, that’s 10,000 tiny pieces of color put together to create a moody shot of the Notre Dame cathedral. There’s been a movement recently to up the ante, and it’s called the gigapixel photograph. A gigapixel photo is composed of a billion pixels, over 100 times that which a ten megapixel camera can capture!

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with around the world travel specifically. Well, these gigapixel photographs have been showing up for cities around the world, allowing you a new way to look at the cities portrayed in them, turning the majuscule into the miniscule with the simple click of a mouse. It’s very cool.

Below are some of the most detailed images ever taken in some of the world’s most photogenic cities. If you happen to be planning to visit any of these places, take a look and see what they look like with whatever amount of detail you like. In other words, zoom way in and see what you can see.

Click the images to be taken to the sites where the images live and be amazed.

Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf

This is the largest of the large, coming in at a whopping 152 gigapixels, nearly twice the size of the next largest.


A personal favorite. 80 gigapixels.


One of the first gigapixel photos to emerge.


Bet you can’t count the cranes.

For more on the process of gigapixel photography check here. Or else check out more of these amazing macro-photographs.