Sleeping Pods Arrive at Delhi Airport

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport may not be known for its sleep-friendly atmosphere, quite the contrary in fact, but that might change with the recent arrival of the newly christened (and rather oddly titled) “Sams Snooze at My Space” cabins.

Says the airport’s website: “The cabins are made with state-of-the-art technology and are equipped with a bed to rest and sleep, working table for the laptop, wi-fi facility, electric plugs, a flat-screen television, a DVD player and cell phone charging sockets. These will be a boon for transit passengers.” No word yet as to who this “Sam” is, but I already feel like he may be a trendsetter.

Five of these snooze pods have been installed at the airport and are located opposite gate 17 in Terminal 3, aka, the “nice one”. The pods themselves are first come first serve and can be rented for Rs 315 per hour (about $7).

Airport officials are using the pods to help solidify Delhi Airport as a transit hub for other locations on the Asian continent, and with the airport already having a terrible record for long connection times this may be exactly what they need.

It’s a fantastic concept – who doesn’t want a little house all their own inside a busy airport? As a resident of San Francisco I’m sure I’d feel right at home in a doghouse-sized studio apartment. Put it here in town and it’d rent for $2000 a month.

With its success look for other airports around the world to imitate the concept. Fingers crossed.