Photo Friday – The Colors of India

It’s been a while since any photography has been featured on this blog. And hopefully as world travelers you’ve been craving a few shots with which to upshift your imaginations into fifth.

Because Friday shares a phoneme with photography and also because your relaxation neurons are starting to fire, I’m showcasing a few of the shots I took along my voyage across the Indian subcontinent last month. And also because they’re colorful and fun.

Please have a great weekend!

* Hover over the each photo for their titles and locations.

Milktruck men - Delhi

Outside the train - Andhra Pradesh

A monkey moment - Varanasi

Holy men on sand - Varanasi

Billboard, Indian Style - Jodhpur

Stone carver - Jaipur

Sunrise on the Ganga - Varanasi

All photos are © AirTreks and may not be used without express permission of the author.

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