Two Great Sources for a Good Night’s Sleep

Hong Kong Facade

High rise apartments in Hong Kong by Kevin Poh

When you’re butterflying around the avenues of the world sometimes accommodations fall into your lap, like teardrops from the cambered cheek of Morpheus. But most of the time you’re very much on your own when it comes to laying down your weary head.

Over in the AirTreks travel store we’re showcasing a couple really great booking options for those of you just not into, please excuse the pun, the tired hotel/hostel/couchsurf routine.

For about a half-decade now AirBnB has been taking a novel approach to travel lodging, providing an extremely user-friendly service that connects you with others looking to rent out their private accommodations to travelers, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost of a regular hotel, and usually a hundred times more interesting. Their listings are well-curated and come from a selection of countries you’ll actually be visiting on your big trip. They even make it easy to lease out your own property while you’re away. My inclusion of AirBnB in this post is unsolicited – I just like their contribution to traveling the world excellently.

Global Basecamps is another company of excellence. They have a great roll-call of unique properties that fly under the radar of most popular search sites like Trip Advisor and Bing. And their dedication to sustainability makes them a preferable choice. AirTreks has been working with GBC for a number of years and have found their clients to be nothing but excited about their experience. They have a fine staff over there and their blog and social media campaign are top notch. Go on over to their site and see what you like. How about this one?

For more suggestions on how to choose your accommodations, visit our travel store, or else take a look at Hotel Chatter, a good resource for what’s what in the accommodation universe.