Your Travel Visa Reference Guide "The Visa Book"

Travel Visa Guide - The Visa Book If you’ve done any research on an international travel visa as a round-the-world traveler you know how daunting a task this can be. In the end it’s your responsibility to work out exactly which countries require you to have a travel visa, which ones don’t matter and how much you’ll need to budget for the ones you do need, and if there’s more than a handful of stops on your itinerary this can add up to a mountainous task.

Throw that on top of your already heady planning to-do list and all the Advil in the world won’t dull the headaches you’ll be suffering.

Fortunately there are people out there to help. Perennial traveler and organizational genius Christine Gilbert, the brains behind the travel blog Almost Fearless, has put together a handy ebook to take the onus of visa research off your shoulders.

Since AirTreks isn’t licensed to sell visas we’re not allowed by law to give visa advice – that’s where The Visa Book comes in.

It has an easy to digest layout and simple navigation (a well-defined index page) making The Visa Book just about the perfect addendum to an around the world ticket – you simply pick out the places you’re going from the list and get visa and other vital information right there.

The other thing about this ebook is just that, it’s an ebook, which means it can be updated frequently and it’s clickable, making it easy to follow the given links to the State Department website for government travel notices, to Wikipedia and Lonely Planet for travel info, and to a form that allows you to report your own findings thereby helping to keep it useful for future readers.

The Visa Book is currently only for U.S. Citizens and it only covers tourist visas, which means it excludes those for extended stays and working. But as the majority of AirTreks clients are just passing through, this may be the perfect resource.

It’s $10 to initiate the download in a simple process, which overall, I’d say will be made up ten-fold in its headache-killing usefulness.

Here’s where you can download a copy for yourself.