Travel Event Coming to a City Near You – Meet Plan Go!


You want to do it, you know it’s healthy and it’s certainly not a stretch to think a big trip will change your life for the better. The challenge is how to make the leap – to convince yourself that taking a career break to travel isn’t impossible if you make the right choices. Which is why utilizing the experience of the travel community is such a smart idea.

Enter Meet Plan Go!

Meet Plan Go! is the brainchild of Sherry Ott and Michaela Potter, two former traditional 9 to 5ers who decided that, while scary and unsettling, diving off the corporate ladder into the travel pool’s deep end is not as difficult or as cataclysmic to your future as you might think. And as is the way with much of the travel community, they harbor a strong sense of duty to give something back to their fellow wanderers.

The idea of Meet Plan Go! is to help those worried that traveling long term will somehow harm their stable life, to overcome those kind of obstacles and to bring a social safety net to those that need it. It’s designed to bring the community together to help people thinking about enriching their life with full-time travel.

I had a chance to sit down with Sherry last week to talk about Meet Plan Go! and how it lines up with the dreams of just about every AirTrekker out there, educated but savvy enough to know that they can always learn more about what they’re doing. We had fun and I’m enthusiastic about her ongoing project.

Being an advocate for long-term travel I’m super excited about the San Francisco event this year. I’m not the only one. Last year’s event sold out and the waiting list was a long one. Discounted early bird tickets are now on sale. They’re cheap, certainly worth the money to help motivate and inspire your own planning process and also to surround yourself with like-minded people that will tell you that yes, quitting your job to travel is not as insane as it may sound.

Go on over to their website and check out the good things they’re doing over there, and then sign up for the North America event on October 18. With 17 cities around the country hosting events, there should be one close to where you are. I’ll be at the San Francisco edition. Hopefully you will too!