ANA’s new 787 Dreamliner is Mouthwateringly Attractive

To commemorate the ANA has outfitted the first two planes with special livery

If Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is anything like what we can expect from the next generation of aviation, we can certainly call ourselves a lucky bunch. And ANA (All Nippon Airways) snagged the spot to be the first of a series of airlines to launch it into service.

They’ve also given us a virtual tour of the plane’s interior. Now, I don’t want to oversell it but it looks like it may be the best plane ever made! Yeah, I’m in love with this plane. But even if you’re not an AVGEEK, there’s still a lot to like. This Friday, ANA has given us a a look at what’s in store for when flying this poetic piece of aviation history.

Boeing has taken their time rolling out the 787 – its inaugural test flight was back in December – but the time they (rightfully) spent in development has given us some quality accoutrements. Here are a few of the features:

  • big, blindless, self-darkening windows
  • double armrests for the center row middle seat
  • spacious, sculpted interior
  • mood lighting
  • a bidet feature for the lavatories
  • of course seatback entertainment
  • non-invasive seat reclines
  • and that’s just economy class!

Right now ANA has a pretty extensive international route map, but for the time being if you want to fly the Dreamliner you’ll have to fly it domestically in Japan. The first serviced routes start next month and fly from Tokyo’s Haneda airport, going to Osaka, Okayama and Hiroshima. But if any of these cities are part of your round-the-world trip, we can fly you on the 787. Please ask your Personal Travel Consultant to include the Dreamliner flights and sit yourself pretty.

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