Best of the RSS – Travel Reads of the Week

One look at my RSS reader will tell you how much great content is being generated each and every day by the bloggers trying to either develop a following or, and this is probably more likely, merely do what they love to do: talk about travel.

Here is a selection of posts that I saw and took a liking to recently, some that I thought you might too.

Taking an RTW trip doesn’t require you to be informed, but it certainly helps if you want to maximize your budget, bring the right things, and travel more wisely in general. Jodi Ettenberg from the Legal Nomads blog has taken the time to compile a wheelbarrow-load of tips and resources to help you be more informed. Definitely worth the look-through.

Long term traveler Michael Tieso on his blog The Art of Backpacking has put forth the best/worst things that he feels long-term travel will give you.

Sherry Ott was featured in a short video post on DIYlife about how to pack for long term travel. She delivers with some handy tips.

To obtain the magic of feeling immersed without having to go anywhere, 360º panoramas are a great way to do it. The Uncornered Market blog has taken a cool one right in the middle of Stone Town in Zanzibar, in a place that’s known as Jaws Corner.

Think you know what to do in Bangkok? Well, this post is here to tell you you do not. Here are 101 things to do there, which will be sure to add a couple dozen more things than what was on your list. Just a reminder that Bangkok is so much more than the Royal Palace.

The last one comes by way of the Lonely Planet Blog where Mark Broadhead compares the terms “beautiful” and “sublime” and how they push us out into the world.