Mongol Rally Raffle Could Take You to Mongolia or Peru!

I’m an avid fan of people who push their boundaries, and because some of them are out to make the most of the life path they’ve chosen for themselves, you’ll see them doing things that make much of the rest of us squint, shake our heads and say, “but why?”

Fortunately, in this case, we incredulous people get to benefit from the exploits of those crazy boundary-pushers.

My friend Sherry Ott and her pals Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil of the travel blog The Planet D, and Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip TV have chosen to give their boundaries a good whippin. Next month they’ll be embarking on one of the craziest challenges I know: The Mongol Rally, an epic and very dusty road trip that winds its way from London to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, where the over 400 registered teams drive an insane 10,000 miles in the smallest car imaginable, those with an engine size under 1200cc, which as you may not know, is simply not a big engine.

Mongol Rally route

Their team, dubbed the Social Media Syndicate, has dedicated their rally effort to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, a charity that helps abandoned children in Mongolia, and partnered up with illustrious tour providers Intrepid Travel to raffle off an amazing prize for everyone else.

For a $5 ticket you get an entry to win one of the following fantastic trips:

Wild Mongolia – A 15-day trip that takes in the sights of the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar before heading out for your great adventure. You will be staying in Ger Camps, hiking volcanoes and enjoying Mongolian barbecues. Follow the footsteps of Genghis Kahn and take a camel ride into the desert sand dunes of Khogno Khan.

Inca Trail – This 8-day trip takes you through Peru. Starting in Lima you will spend the day exploring the historic center of the city, then off to the charming city of Cuzco in the center of the country. Explore the Sacred Valley and the ancient city of Ollantaytambo before beginning your trek on the famous Inca Trail, all the way to Machu Picchu.

Even if you don’t win the grand prize you can sit pretty knowing your entry went to support an international charity of note.

The raffle runs today, June 6, through midnight June 12, so get your ticket soon!

For more details visit the Social Media Syndicate’s raffle page (sorry the raffle is over), or Sherry’s site Ottsworld.

Photo via Yakatak.

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