AirTreks Itinerary Spotlight – Asia From All Sides

We’re all about being faithful servants here on the AirTreks blog. And in effort to better service your trip planning needs we’ll be spotlighting some our favorite AirTreks specials over the next few weeks. Today’s highlighted special is a multi-stop trip called Asia from All Sides. It features 7 popular cities in Southeast and regular Asia and is very much affordably priced.

The route goes as follows:

San Francisco – Singapore – Kathmandu – surface – Delhi – Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh City – surface – Hanoi – Seoul – San Francisco

This is one of our best priced and popular scenarios. Starting at $2625 including taxes and post-departure travel insurance*, this trip gives you some of the best cities in this corner of the world along with some great overland travel options.

One of the best parts about our product is that if you don’t quite like the look of a special, you can take the parts you don’t like and customize them exactly as you want. As a matter of fact many of our clients start by perusing our specials page but finish up with something completely different that suits them better.

For example, if you want to see more of India, use a flight instead from Bangkok to Bombay or Calcutta. If you want to see China, add in a flight from Seoul to Beijing then perhaps an overland leg to Shanghai and then a flight to Hanoi. This option would only add about $300 – $400 to the overall total. You can also start/end in any city in the US for small add-ons.

Ask a travel consultant about variations to this wouldn’t raise the price significantly, or at all.

Of course you can throw this all out the window and get your own fully customized trip. Click the red banner below and get started!

* Insurance is for US passport holders only.

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