Airport Security to Remove Shoe Restriction

Playmobil airport security In what can only be described as a rare moment of sensibility, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has decided that wearing your shoes while you pass through airport security poses no imminent threat to national security.

In an interview on Politico, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, “We are moving towards an intelligence and risk-based approach to how we screen. I think one of the first things you will see over time is the ability to keep your shoes on.”

Good news for travelers departing from or transiting through the U.S. Bad news for sock lovers and those with extraordinary toes.

If you remember back in December 2001 would-be terrorist and international dim-wit Richard Reid provoked a knee-jerk reaction by the TSA to scan each and every sneaker, loafer, flat, boot, pump, that passed through security for explosive devices. Much to the chagrin of everyone who travels by plane.

This small victory was lessened by Napolitano’s statement, “restrictions on carrying liquids on board are likely to remain in place for some time”.

Photo via BoingBoing

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