AirTreks Announces Travelbase – A Place to Ask & Answer Travel Questions

Here at AirTreks we’re always working to improve our community’s ability to get the best trip they possibly can. Earlier this year we launched Ready Set Go, three sections on our home page where we placed our best tips for planning and taking a great international trip.

We’ve now added a new resource to further help our lovlies.

We’re happy to announce the launch of Travelbase, an easy to use and super functional database of user-sourced information about a wide selection of topics to help best take advantage of this wonderful world of ours. AirTreks has teamed up with World Nomads to offer this fresh new service for the visitors to our website.

Travelbase works in two ways: 1) as a place to ask questions and 2) as a place to impart personal knowledge back to the people who ask questions. It’s about community, you know?

We highly encourage people to give it whirl.

The process is simple:

  1. Log in with your Facebook account.
  2. Ask or answer questions.

If you’re asking questions:

  • Click on the “Ask Question” button at the top right.
  • Type in your question (any question) and hit “Ask”.
  • Wait for answers to roll back to you via email.

If you specified a location in the question Travelbase will automatically add it to the query. If not, fill it in manually. It also tries to add topics based on keywords in the question field. Don’t forget, if you need to addend or refine your question after you submit it, the application lets you edit any field after it’s been posted.

If you don’t know what question to ask you can also browse (or location search) questions that have already been attended to, giving you a good exposure to things you didn’t think to ask yourself.

If you’re answering questions:

  • Click “Open questions” to look at questions that have no answers.
  • Impart knowledge/save the day.

Or you can browse questions by location or topic to add to the conversation. The more answers the better the depth of knowledge for all.

Don’t forget to rate others’ answers as well. This will cause the cream to rise to the top.

The beauty of Travelbase is that the service is self-maintained and user-driven, so those with an intimate knowledge of a place will gravitate to the topics asked of it. And this knowledge base will grow not only because it’s fun to help those who haven’t been where you have, but also because it allows for a satisfying sense of charity.

I actually found answering questions to be an extremely fulfilling activity. Not to mention a little addicting. I encourage everyone to search for places you’ve gone, browse the questions you know about and answer away – Travelbase makes it extremely easy to bestow your wisdom.

Take Travelbase for a spin and come back as often as you like. We’ve put it here for you.

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