ANA’s New 787 Leaves the Nest (photos)

Just this morning the newest chapter in aviation history was written in Everett, Washington as ANA’s 787 Dreamliner alit the tarmac in route to Haneda, Japan. I’ve written about the 787 a few times here, because I’m a bit of an #avgeek, probably at the expense of a few of the fans of this blog, but also because to me this signifies a leap forward for travelers who fly long distances, AirTreks clients as it were.

Where plane travel used to be a dangerous undertaking, riddled with discomforts and unpredictability, the future holds unprecedented luxury and efficiency. And the 787 is a symbol of this new quality in airplane manufacturing.

I also wanted to post some photos of this historic moment. Boeing released a few images of their plane leaving the facility for the last time (kind of like a baby bird leaving the nest, isn’t it?) and for me it’s a nostalgic moment.

First ANA Boeing 787 accelerates for takeoff

The first ANA 787, painted in a special livery, picks up speed for takeoff from Paine Field in Everett, WA for Tokyo Haneda Airport.

First ANA Boeing 787 takes flight

First ANA Boeing 787 takes flight

Airborne! First ANA 787 heads to Tokyo

Airborne! First ANA 787 heads to Tokyo

The 787’s first regularly scheduled flight will start November 1, 2011 between Haneda Airport and Okayama and also between Haneda and Hiroshima.

The first international route will be between Haneda and Beijing, starting in December, then, in January 2012, its first long-haul flight will debut between Haneda and Frankfurt.

If you would like to add any of these legs to your RTW, please contact your Personal Travel Consultant. They’re happy to help.

Plush airplane photo via Pilot Center.

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