Five Smart and Affordable Travel Accessories

This is a guest post by Noella Schink of Auto Europe. If you’d like to write for the AirTreks Travel Blog, click here.

The following are five of my favorite travel goodies that look cool, do cool things, always come in handy and don’t break the bank! In fact, none of these finds ring in at over $25.

Flowfold Wallet

This is a recent discovery that was right under my nose all along! Handmade in Portland, Maine (that’s where I’m from), these wallets are my new favorite. Constructed from scraps of genuine racing sailcloth, they are lightweight yet extremely durable. Carbon fiber, Kevlar, Mylar and other Batman-esque materials make them waterproof, spark proof and in my opinion, fool proof. Your Flowfold will take up minimal space in your moneybelt/underpants, (you’re a savvy traveler, so you know how to fool those pesky pickpockets!), and for your more adventuresome endeavors, it’ll float when inadvertently flung overboard.

JOBY Gorilla Pod

You know the scenario. You hold up the camera backwards to take a picture of yourself and your companion in front of whatever scenery/landmark only to discover when you view it that your head looks twice (if not thrice) the size of theirs, you count five chins instead of two, and your faces block whatever was in the background. Enter Gorilla Pod, the greatest invention since the camera itself. This wee tripod tucks neatly into a back pocket, balances or attaches to everything and cures chronic Fat Head/Double Chin only in Photos Syndrome. Wrap it around a park bench slat, balance it on a rock or heck, get artsy! It’s so talented you can turn every photo-op into a send to the parents-worthy 5×10.

Brookstone Wink

This reading light has a very cute Pixar-lamp look to it, but other than that, this gadget is pure functionality. Again, a flexible tripod makes it perfect for travel when you don’t know what your bed stand/head board/mood lighting situation will be. Bright LED bulbs offer great reading/writing/mischief lighting while the switch free design, (you just click shut the bulb’s “eyelid”), makes it easy to operate. Taking up less space than a pencil taped to a gumball in your suitcase, the Wink is a travel necessity.

Pelican Micro Case

Whether you plan to stroll downtown or hit the beach, your valuables need safe-keeping while you travel. A Pelican case is not only waterproof but also crush and dust proof. It’s like making your important bits invincible. This case was perfect for snorkeling since I couldn’t very well leave my passport/room key/credit card lying on the beach whilst I splish-splashed in the waves. I simply hooked the Pelican to my life vest with the carabiner.

Packable Wine Glasses

I don’t know how I traveled without these in the past. Oh wait, now I remember—I drank good wine out of Styrofoam coffee cups nicked from a hotel lobby,  drank it from those paper cone cups from the dispenser in the restroom, and of course, from the bottle. I suppose good wine justifies drastic measures, but there’s just no need for this savagery any longer! Packable and collapsible, these wine glasses are made from durable plastic and when unsnapped from their stems, tuck neatly into a wee pouch. They are so light, convenient and handy you will find yourself packing them for every trip!

[Editor’s note: To avoid endorsing one retailer over another, none of these products are linked to stores that sell them. However, all of them are available for purchase from a variety of online marketplaces. Any search engine query will find one for you.]


Noella Schink is a traveler and writer from Portland, Maine. She recommends these gadgets for your next adventure and recommends Auto Europe for your next car rental in the UK, Eastern Europe, Australia and beyond.  Renting a car gives you the freedom to really explore!

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