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Many people ballyhoo how great it is to drop your job and travel the world, but seldom is heard about the frustration, anxiety and apprehension that goes along with actually setting it up. Most career breakers know about this mental torture, but rarely talk of it. That dirty beast stays under the rug, left for the newbie to slay all on their own.

This disabling fear of the unknown, let me be the first to acknowledge, is common, so finding people to shed some light and give support may be more than just helpful, it may be essential in putting your career aspirations on hold for travel.

I blogged about the Meet Plan Go! event a couple months ago but things are now starting to ramp up. Next month, in 17 cities around the United States, Meet Plan Go! is presenting their massive nationwide event aimed at assisting people who have a travel dream in mind, who are at any stage of the career break preparation process.

Is a Career Break For You?

This can be a very difficult question to answer simply because you may not know anyone who’s done it, therefore leaving you to search for answers on your own. And when you look for an objective perspective all you get are people ready to shower you with doubt and paralyze you with their latent skepticism. It’s liberating to meet a group of people who simply won’t be that way.

Quite frankly, a career break can be for anyone. It doesn’t matter how many zeros are on your bank statement, your job title or how many kids you have.

When you attend Meet Plan Go! You you’ll meet people who are like you, perhaps similarly disoriented about what it takes to do a big, life-altering trip. What you get isn’t just a panel of local travelers talking about their experiences, but a community of support, a village if you will, which, if sociology tells us anything, may be all you need to initiate the momentum that will ultimately lead you to faraway lands.

Maybe it’s just one person you connect with that activates the pinions of motivation, but there are many success stories from Meet Plan Go!


Here are a couple of my favorites from the MPG homepage:

This was a fantastic event! It made me realize that long-term travel is a completely realistic goal and that I have amazing company also doing the same. – Seattle Attendee

The Meet, Plan, Go! event helped me to see that there’s no better time than NOW to start! I was amazed at all the people that have already done this and it was so helpful to see that this idea I had to leave my job and travel was not a crazy idea! – Katy

The list of cities hosting Meet Plan Go! this year spans the USA. So if you’re contemplating doing a career break trip even in the slightest way, or if you already know you’re doing it but are getting lost in the planning process, I highly recommend you sign up for a seminar. Click on the links below to be taken to the sign-up page for your town.

And don’t forget “casual” local meetups are still being held leading up to October 18th. More info and dates on the casual meetups remaing are here.

There’s a small fee to attend Meet Plan Go!, $15, but if you think about it, $15 to be immersed within a community of likeminded people that will support you in your decision to travel the world seems like a pretty marginal investment. There will also be giveaways on the event day. Both Intrepid Travel and Hosteling International have signed up as sponsors. So you could actually come out far ahead.

Oh and I’ll be down at the San Francisco event as well. Come by and say hi!

Don’t forget to come back here afterwards and let AirTreks help you with your plane tickets. Our travel consultants have been helping people arrange round-the-world and multi-stop itineraries for nearly 25 years. I’m sure we can help you too.

(Note: the original article stated tickets to Meet Plan Go were $12, but that was the price for earlybird tickets – regularly priced tickets are $15. Thanks for the correction tip, Sherry. My apologies for any confusion. -ED)

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