Wanderlust – Your Afternoon Video

Think back over your life of travels. What do you remember? Probably the big things, the white water rafting trip in Laos, gazing over Machu Picchu for the first time, the sunrise boat-ride down the Ganges. But what about the rest? What about all the little moments you can’t help but forget because they’re overshadowed by the other relentlessly ardent travel memories.

You may not remember them, but there were scores of tiny and infinitely profound visions you had in between all the big things. Of course they were no less significant, and perhaps even more so because they were subtle, a tableaux of landscapes, each as poignant and transfixing as Machu Picchu, just without the big name.

This video focuses on those moments.

Many of the locations here are unidentifiable. But it doesn’t matter – as is the case with memories, you don’t need context to appreciate them later on.

Enjoy, and have an excellent weekend!

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