The “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” AirTreks Special

Matt Lauer, chrome-domed host at the Today Show and token NBC adventurer, long ago determined that the world is a marvelous place and international travel is something more people should be encouraged to do. More than a decade ago he led his viewers on his first lightning-fast around the world itinerary imploring them to guess where in the world he was. He entitled it Where in the World is Carmen San-, er, Matt Lauer. And a tradition was born.

Matt has recently returned from the 10th edition of his lightning multi-stop trip and we can now reveal with certainty where in fact he was.

Here are the individual legs of the trip in its entirety:

  • From New York City to Walvis Bay, Nambia, where he helicoptered up the Skeleton Coast and did some extreme sports.
  • Namibia to Madrid, Spain where he paid a visit to Plaza Mayor and hung out with fashion designers, an eccentric baroness and a hunky soccer player.
  • Spain to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he peered into the eyes of orangutangs, ate smelly fruit and stood between the Petronas Towers 50 stories up.
  • Kuala Lumpur to Zurich, Switzerland where did a little alpine expeditioning on the Jungfrau.
  • Switzerland to Barbados, the Caribbean Island at the southern end of the Antilles archipelago.
  • Then back to the NBC studios in New York to show off his sleep-deprived yet heavily tanned face.

MSNBC has put together a nice little 4-minute recap of his whole trip. Take a look:

So yeah, we love Matt. And to show our respect we’ve created an AirTrek that takes you to the places he went, in a single package. And guess what: it starts at less than $4000 including taxes. Here’s the route:

(Click on the image for details on the special).

Where in the World is Matt Lauer AirTreks Special

For even more inspiration take a look at the the 5 places Matt Lauer loved most.

If you want to tweak the trip in a more personal direction you can customize his trip with our TripPlanner (the red banner below) or by calling one of our Personal Travel Consultants. The places Matt Lauer visited are there for your eyes too. Take his inspiration and jet out on your own trip to see them for yourself.

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