Welcome to TripPlanner version 6.0

Over the past several months, we here at AirTreks have released a series of new and exciting developments to our average visitor’s user experience. At the beginning of the year there was a total homepage redesign, which we love, then we launched the super cool and insanely useful Travelbase.

Now we’re pleased to introduce our latest technological update: TripPlanner v 6.0, the newest version of the Web’s most unique and exciting round-the-world trip pricing engine. If you’re a fan of AirTreks but haven’t played with TripPlanner recently, you may want to go over and take a look. It’s pretty dreamy.

Our developers have made it easier and more user-friendly than ever to plan and price your dream multi-stop trip. Here’s the shortlist of improvements:

  • Better map: it’s easier to navigate the main world map with better grab, slide and zoom functionality.
  • Route List has a new navigation-friendly look.
  • Better individual mini descriptions for cities. Find out more about the place your adding and reduce confusion.
  • 50% faster load times
  • Automatic route updating when you rearrange the Route List.
  • Now compatible with tablet computers and iPads.
  • And on the backend – the ability to deliver faster updates and improvements to help meet user expectations.

Around-the-World Fare Builder circa 1998 (later known as TripPlanner)

TripPlanner? What’s that?

For those not familiar with it, TripPlanner is an application designed to deliver instant prices for round-the-world and multi-destination trips, quickly and easily without the rules you’ll see on other websites, especially the airlines’. You simply pick your destinations from the map and click the button to calculate. You’ll get airfare estimates in seconds, no matter how complicated or diverse the route. You can rearrange the destination sequence to see if alternate routes lower the cost, you can remove or add stops to get price differentials, you can use it to learn to dance*.

(*Supplemental dance instructor not included.)

Since TripPlanner went live in 1998, the application has been unique to the Web in that it offers pricing for international itineraries as complex as you wish without restricting you to standard routes or trapping you inside a series of hardline rules.

TripPlanner can price trips starting and ending anywhere (not just from or to the USA) in any order, combination or complexity. It even allows you to add surface segments, so if you plan to travel by car or train or kayak for any leg of the trip, TripPlanner will take that into account and calculate your price accordingly.

TripPlanner is best way we know to help travelers figure out the initial costs of a complex international journey. I highly recommend checking out our new version. Not only is it fun, it’s addicting, and it helps encourage you to start planning that next amazing trip.

Take TripPlanner for a test spin by clicking in the red banner below.

Have any questions or comments about TripPlanner 6.0? Leave them in the comments section!

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