Airlines in the News: All Nippon Flying to Silicon Valley

The Bay Area’s own Silicon Valley is getting a unique honor next year. Beginning on April 1, 2012, All Nippon Airlines (aka, ANA) will be flying a couple of their shiny new Boeing 787s direct from Tokyo into San Jose International Airport, in San Jose, California.

The reason for the new flight is probably to better serve the elite Silicon Valley coterie, since San Jose airport is a small and uncongested jaunt down the 101 to many a major electronics company headquarters. Either way, it’s nice to see a less established airport getting its due rewards. San Jose’s struggling economy could use the lift.

This marks the first long long-haul service from SJC since American Airlines recalled their San Jose – Tokyo flight back in 2006. Plans for this service have been in development since 2008, long before the airline launched its maiden 787 flight in Oct of this year.

Look for more of these “long, thin” routes to appear in the future with 787 equipment, a small and lean jet that makes minor long haul routes possible with its efficiency and low operating costs.

If you’re adding San Francisco to a RTW itinerary it will be possible to use the SJC – TYO flight for transits in and out of the Bay Area, which will be especially helpful if your plans are to visit places such as Monterey or Big Sur. Please advise your Travel Consultant and they’ll be happy to set you up with this one-of-a kind flight.

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