Friday Afternoon Video – Run to Reunion

Especially if you feel like “been there done that” is the prevailing motif when deciding on your next travel destination, new places to expect travel thrills and adventure may be hard to come by. That’s why sometimes you have to turn to the mentions of your friends and acquaintances for inspiration. Let this be your mention.

Reunion Island, with its capitol St. Denis, a sub-tropical volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar, is, and pardon the cliché, an adventure lover’s playground. Today’s Friday video highlights the majesty of this fantastic place, certainly like none other. An outdoorist retreat in a distant corner of the globe and well-removed from the common tourist trail.

As remote as it is, Reunion isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think to get there. A typical AirTreks round-the-world ticket can easily get you there with a only handful of long-haul flights. For less than $4500 (including taxes and fees) you can get a trip that looks something like this:

New York City – Paris – Reunion Island – Mauritius – Dubai – Bangkok – Hong Kong – New York City

That’s a whole lotta ticket! If this interests you, warm up your French, click on the red banner below to submit this trip to TripPlanner. Speak with one of our helpful Travel Consultants and get ready to Reunion.

 For more Friday videos click here. Earth image courtesy of Video h/t Go Backpacking.

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