Sixpenny Globe’s Beautiful Trailer for Their Upcoming Travel Series

­­­If you want to talk about passion for traveling, all you have to do is look at the way it manifests itself once a big trip is over, what convolutions and iterations it goes through before the travels slowly descend into the well of memory.

Kelsey Odgen and Kristen Refermat, two twenty-something adventurers who rock the travel blog Sixpenny Globe have this very passion. And it’s revealed in what they’re doing now that their trip is done.

Perhaps not quite realizing what a big world trip would do to their perspective, last year they picked up two RTW tickets from AirTreks and took the leap. With them they took some cameras, a couple of backpacks, and a sense of adventure only matched by the miles they’d tread.

Coming back from their trip they decided to use their video footage to expose their travels as a series of short how-tos and how-dids for RTW travel.

We planned to film our trip in an effort to reveal the realities of traveling with very limited funds and no pre-constructed plans, other than “where the planes landed and took off” …The series is what we hope will be an inspiration to others who have the idea that traveling is only for those with large savings. Additionally, the series is simply entertainment.

The following video is the result of their four months on the road, framed as a trailer for a project they’re now working on.  If you like to be inspired about travel, this is probably something you should watch.

Ogden tells me the series will be released in roughly 10 parts broken up by countries and days, each video about 10 minutes, with new parts being released on Sundays starting Feb 12. If you like this video (spoiler: you will) go over and like their Facebook page and get the updates for their series.

If its anything like the trailer, it should reveal the “minor miracles” they experienced when putting this footage together. It should also serve as a way to gauge how you can take a cool trip like theirs as well.

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