Take Your Kids Traveling – Tips from “Have Baby, Will Travel”

Small hands on airplane belt

Credit: Christian Haugen

Have Baby Will Travel brings a highly recommended source for encouragement for parents looking to travel. Their The 5 Ts to Happy Travel with Your Tots article shows that much can be navigated along the roads of family travel if you’re prepared.

Corinne, the engine behind this great family travel blog, gives you what you need for a successful trip with your kids. To summarize:

The 5 Ts: Timing, Toiletries, Toys, Treats, and Temperament. Meaning, make sure you know when to do the most taxing things, have the necessary accoutrements for cleanliness, have items for distraction and reward, and finally, the patience to deal with it all.

You should listen to Corinne. She’s been traveling with her children for 6 years and could probably tell you exactly when yours will cry. In other words, she knows what she’s talking about.

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And don’t forget to keep an eye on this space in the next couple weeks for more tips on getting the most out of your own family trip.

Do you have any help of your own to share about traveling with kids? The comments section is where to do it!

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