10 Essential Family Travel Resource Links

family travelIt’s been a hoot talking about family travel over the past few weeks, getting to know several family travel bloggers out there in the trenches and gleaning tips from the fray. Some great advice has risen to the surface and with any luck a handful of new traveling parents have reaped some benefit.

To round out the series, here are 10 helpful links to some of the best traveling with kids advice I found out about during this journey.

Babble.com recently listed their favorite family and baby travel bloggers on the web. It may take a while but this resource should bring some great leads for both information and inspiration.

Travels With a Nine Year Old has the details about children’s vaccinations, those you need to worry about and those you don’t.

Kids Go Global tells you from experience how to preempt airplane meltdowns before they happen. Broken down by age!

Soul Travelers 3 have had their little girl on the road for 6 years. Which begs the question: what about her education? Here’s how they leveraged home schooling on the road.

iPads may be the best thing to happen to traveling parents since the Pink Hippo Neck Pillow. Travel Savvy Mom gives you her top ten iPad apps to keep kids occupied on long flights/bus rides/waits more than 10 minute long.

Delicious Baby gives us the most essential packing list for traveling with kids around. A must visit.

Don’t think it’s insignificant. Shelley from Travels With A Baby tells you her pick for best portable infant insect repellant. Say “no” to malaria (and gene-altering chemicals).

The Cross Pollinate blog brings up and answers a couple little questions that really aren’t that little: What’s the right age to start traveling with your kiddos? And how to get them engaged in the experience.

And finally from this very blog, here are all the posts from this short Take Your Kids Traveling series. Great quotes and opinions about how to travel with the little ones.

Have any tips or link finds of your own? Go ahead and leave them in the comments section.

As always, take the first step to your own life-changing family adventure. Start your TripPlanner session and pick a great route! The kids will love you for it.