Munich Airport Installs a Sleeping Pod

napcab munich airportTo sleep peacefully in an airport terminal is a comfort not many of us know. Most of us are relegated to the misery of cold tiled floors and iron armrests sticking into our backs. Fortunately a few airports have taken pity on those long-connection unforntunates stumbling around in the early morning.

Munich Airport is the latest international airport to hear you.

Taking cues from a couple other airports to get with the program, Moscow-Sheremetyevo’s “Sleepboxes”, and Delhi’s Sams Snooze at My Space, Munich airport has recently installed their very own cabin, the Napcab, a rentable, napcab munich airportprivate sleeping (or whatever you do when you’re away from other people) pod to help give you that sweet rest you’re looking for when amidst an overly long connection. Inside is a flat-screen TV, a desk and yes, an internet connection. The cabins rent between €10 and €15 per hour (depending on the time of day) for periods of 3-12 hours and are payable with a credit card right on the wall.

The Napcabs are located in Terminal 2 next to Gate H32 at Munich Airport.

See full rate breakdown, location and hours of the Munich Napcabs here.

Not too shabby, especially when that airport terminal gets a little too “airport terminal-y” for your comfort.

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