Traveling with a Baby Is Not as Scary as it Sounds

The latest in our Take Your Kids Traveling series is an article written by new parents Nicole and Cameron Wears and appears in its entirety on their great travel blog, The Traveling Canucks. For more about them read their “about” page. Thanks Nicole and Cam for your help showing our readers how not scary it is to travel the world with children.

When we started telling people that we were going to have a baby, a common response was, “so I guess all of that traveling will stop now that you’re having a baby?”

The statement confused us.

Obviously traveling with a baby is a completely different experience, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop traveling just because we have a baby. It simply means that our travels will need to evolve with the times.

What confused us most was that some people actually believe that having a baby means sacrificing your passions. That we should stop doing the things that we love because it’s too scary or difficult with a baby. Where do they get these crazy ideas?

Of course, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t nervous about our first trip with a 3-month old baby.

Our biggest worry was how Baby B would respond to the flight. Will the air pressure bother him? Will he scream while we pass through security? Will we get stuck sitting beside an unforgiving passenger that gives us the stink eye whenever we need to use the bathroom?

We are very happy, and relieved, that Baby B’s first flight was a success. He seems to be a natural!

This recent trip to California taught us that traveling with a newborn baby isn’t as scary as it sounds. It just requires a little planning and a little patience. But it’s so worth it. We had so much fun watching him roll around in the soft grass for the first time in his life – it was priceless!

However, we quickly learned that baby travel is a very different experience.

Gone are the days of impulsive adventures (at least temporarily). We now need to plan our days in advance and chose our activities wisely, which isn’t a big deal but it does require a different approach.

One afternoon, we decided to take a road trip to Joshua Tree National Park, thinking it would be a simple 2-3 hour adventure. We did very little research ahead of time, but thought it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. After all, that’s what we do when we travel – right?

Well, that’s how we USED to travel.

When we arrived at the park entrance we realized that we had committed to a 5-hour road trip. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but we learned an important lesson that afternoon – we now need to plan even simple activities!

We paid for this oversight with an unhappy screaming baby – not ideal, but it really wasn’t that bad.

We’ve been warned by other traveling parents that it’s easier to travel with an infant than with a curious toddler that has little understanding of danger. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

It’s strange to think that soon we will be researching Disney tickets and family vacation packages. We’re used to grabbing our backpacks and wandering up and down streets looking for hotels or attraction tickets. It’s going to be an adjustment but we’re excited about all the new experiences we’re going to have with him – it’s already exceeding our expectations and it’s only just begun!

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