Airlines in the News: Air Pacific, er, Fiji Airways

air pacific becomes fiji airways

Fiji Airways DC-3 circa early 1960s

Airlines have a bad habit of being unstoppable forces, cruising to their immutable destiny completely powerless to change course even if a financial need or other potentially catastrophic event might warrant it – like some flying Titanic, they have no ability to get out of the way of the proverbial oncoming iceberg.

Considering this, I have to hand it to Air Pacific for taking back their own destiny. Come October Air Pacific will officially return from whence it came and reclaim the airline’s 1958 title, Fiji Airways. The change comes after extensive research showing that people were not connecting with the name Air Pacific in significant ways and saw a glaring need to return to profitability.

Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger had this to say about the change:

We fly in over 60% of all visitors who come to Fiji, so it only makes sense for us to embrace our uniquely Fijian culture and spirit [and] characteristics, which have seen Fiji consistently recognized by consumers as one of the world’s friendliest countries.

To celebrate the rebranding the new Fiji Airways PR team has made a beautiful and moving montage to tell the story of the airline, and the nation, from its very birth.

Air Pacific has announced that in July they will unveil their new logo and livery, and in June 2013, with the arrival of their new purchase fleet of A330-200s, they will re-energize their business by starting flights with their new name.

Much appreciation should be given to Air Pacific/Fiji Airways for a small but significant airline to take back control of their destiny. They’ve even got their Facebook page updated already!

AirTreks proudly uses Air Pacific for itineraries traveling from the USA to the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and vice versa and will continue to do so after their coming name change.

Add Air Pacific/Fiji Airways to your itinerary to or from Oz/New Zealand or islands the South Pacific and qualify for a free stopover of unlimited duration in Fiji. Start the ball rolling right now!

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