Tokyo’s Sky Tree Is So Tall

Tokyo Sky Tree

Image credit: The Telegraph

If you’re a person into superlatives, you’ll want to read this. The newest edition to Tokyo’s skyline is now the world’s tallest tower, the second tallest freestanding structure and may have the most expensive ticket price for any single travel attraction.

The Tokyo Sky Tree is finally complete and now stands at a majestic 634 meters (1093 feet), eking out the title of world’s tallest tower over the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China. The only taller man made structure now is the stupidly tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai (at 830 meters).

When the tower opens formally on May 22nd, elevator trips to the observation deck will cost walloping ¥2500 (about $30) for an “day/time reserved” adult ticket with discounts applicable for juniors, young children, and not going all the way to the top. Specific ticket prices can be found here.

For those that marvel at the engineering feats of man, the completion of the Sky Tree adds a new reason to travel to Japan, to witness engineering marvels of the world, to gaze upon the possibilities of the work of mankind, and to feel ridiculously tiny in an morbidly indifferent universe.

The upper decks of the Sky Tree are home to restaurants, shops and an observation deck to peer down at the puniness of humanity. Be mindful of buying things when you’re up there though, a simple water is rumored to cost five bucks.

The gallery and observation deck are open daily from 8am to 10pm. And according to their website, the Sky Tree Tower will “transcend time with eternal brightness”, which may be the part of the tower experience that won’t adversely effect your budget. I would revel in that part, if I were you.

Click for more photos of the Sky Tree.

The following video is a time lapse from last week’s Tokyo Hotaru festival where they floated 100,000 solar-powered LED lights down the Sumida River past the Sky Tree to simulate fireflies. They were removed farther downstream for reuse. Pretty!

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