Google’s World Wonders Project as an AirTreks RTW Trip

The Google Street View Trike

AirTreks offers a unique product: the ability to see more of the world during one short period of your life than you ever thought possible. There aren’t too many products that can claim this depth of education, culture, adorable little tchotchkes, or the instant ability to know what spices will kill your gut.

Now Google, in its continuing effort to do everything ever done is bringing some of these things to you—without your ever having to stand up. They’ve recently released the Google World Wonders Project and I’ll be the first to admit it’s pretty sweet.

In collaboration with Unesco, the World Monuments Fund, and Getty Images, the Google World Wonders Project is slowly but surely bringing some of the most beautiful, historic, and iconic spots in the world straight to your very screen, giving street-view versions of some of the most legendary sites on Earth. Check out this short overview of how they did it.

Don’t settle for seeing the world from your couch!

Of course, these sites will look 100% better when you’re actually looking at them IRL (in real life). Reality isn’t going to sit around and let a virtual-reality steal its thunder, which is why today I bring to you the Google World Wonders Project Round-the-World Trip.

Currently there are 132 sites from 18 countries rendered by Google in the WWP. But to minimize the expense and logistics in getting to all of these, I’ve taken a handful of the best and compiled them into a pretty sweet AirTreks RTW. These 11 stops travel to some of our favorite destinations and will no doubt give a complete picture of the best of Unesco.

It should be pointed out that a good RTW trip probably shouldn’t comprise more than a dozen stops—you’ll get the most out of each place by limiting your itinerary for value and quality of the time spent on the road. So below is the TripPlanner route and is priced accordingly, as usual starting in our oh-so-fair city of San Francisco:

Respective Unesco sites are in parentheses.

  • San Francisco
  • Montreal (Historic District of Quebec City)
  • Mexico City (Modern Mural Paintings)
  • Shannon (Saint Brendan’s Cathedral – Clonfert, Ireland) – overland to Dublin
  • Paris (Banks of the Seine)
  • overland to Florence (Historic Center of Florence)
  • Prague (Historic Center of Prague)
  • Tel Aviv (White City of Tel Aviv)
  • Osaka (Ancient Kyoto)
  • Perth (Shark Bay)
  • Melbourne (Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens)
  • San Francisco


If you’re interested in doing a trip like this or one to other places in the World Wonders Project attraction list, or really, any other place in the world, click on the map above or red banner below to launch our TripPlanner, insert your own dream Unesco trip, or any dream trip for that matter (be sure to dream!), get out from behind that monitor and see the world the way it was meant to be seen, in glorious 3-D.

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