Travel Blogs in the Spotlight

A couple weeks ago I sent out an offer on our Facebook page that any amateur travel blogger who follows AirTreks post their blog URL and I’d promote it here on ours, hopefully to spread the word about their travels and whatever else that happened to be contained inside.

Seven bloggers in total posted their URLs and I’m thrilled to be able to promote them today. Please take a look at the list, visit your favorites, and give them some love. Travel blogging can be a thankless pursuit, especially for the small ones, of which there are a lot; their upkeep, without a doubt, is a labor of love. So go ahead, give ’em some props.

Presented in the order in which they were posted:

Lost Somewhere

Lost Somewhere is a travel journal by Garret hosted on, presenting a nice account of his round-the-world trip through Europe, Turkey and southeast Asia. I liked the first-hand account of bucket-list places like Burma, Istanbul, and Venice, even the Philippines, and the abundance of photos to gawk at.

I travel to experience one of life’s greatest legal means of getting high. I hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as i do writing them. – Garret

I Should Log Off

A well put-together and curated travel blog documenting a couple’s two-year-long sabbatical. Easy navigation with a HUGE selection of destinations to browse. A great blog to follow for stories, and “what to do there” information.

Our hope is to inspire ourselves to continue living a full life, but also to inspire others to carpe diem and follow their own dreams. – Jillian & Danny

Project Mojito

The subtitle of Project Mojito says it all: “a travelogue for two rogue geeks”. Emily & Greg are nearing the midway mark of their giant year-long round-the-world trip purchased from AirTreks last year and have peppered their blog with great content and fun writing, making Project Mojito definitely worth following. I love their “Running Credits” section, which gives thanks to special people who added something extraordinary to their trip but that otherwise might’ve been forgotten.

Worldwide Adventurers

A travelogue written and administered by two “fiftysomething” New Zealanders, exploring the world one country at a time. There’s a genuine love of the traveling process that comes through on the pages of this blog and it’s inspiring. Lots of random destinations along with a handful of videos.

Everything we post is aimed to help and inspire you to get out there, travel and enjoy our amazing world.

Vimax Adventures

Longtime travel adventurers and hardened Canadians Leandra and Philippe Brient have put together an enjoyable travel blog who, along with their two boys (and dog), have logged some serious miles, mostly revolving around adventure travel — think snowshoeing 500 kilometers or riding a bike 6500 kilometers! These are gripping stories of escapade and peril. I loved the photos section.

Starting from their home in Atlin, northern British Colombia, they have traveled more than 18,000km through more than 22 countries on 4 continents.

Heather’s Harmony

Leaving “home” to become an expat & permanent traveler on July 15th, Heather’s Harmony is a travelogue documenting her travel passion, soon to become a full-on lifestyle. Find her numerous destination posts in a section adorably titled “Where Heathers Found Harmony”. Looking forward to Heather taking her travel (and travel blog) to the next level.

Dreams demand serious commitment, just like your children, relationships, homes, education and your bill. My priority is traveling.

The Travel Babe

A hosted travelogue, the Travel Babe is updated every so often and gives news and information from her travels, and helps out with the lessons she’s learned though experience. Her packing post is probably the highlight.